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Fun With Dori and Jay

Dori and Jay Howard


This is the official LiveJournal for both:
Dori and Jay Howard

Yes, we each have our own LJ--but we've decided to both post here. (Though we might use those journals to read what our friends post. Okay, obviously this could change in the future, so please note and consider also adding our personal journals listed below. Thanks!)

Dori originally hails from California, where she happily resided near the homes of her parents and two siblings, twin Aaron and older brother Kit (who also happens to be the best friend of Jay). If you'd like to view the LiveJournal Dori shares with her two brothers, see this: rocks_family
[Rarely used, though... Sorry!]

Jay lives and works in Manhattan (NYC)--where he officially swept Dori to in the spring of 2002 as his new bride!

Dori and Jay share an apartment where they frequently host friends (and clients). Dori, too, now works in NYC.

These newlyweds have a lovely 'family' of close online friends--and are delightedly adding to it all the time.

The happy couple is delighted to have their fanfic hosted by KevinR kevinr. Want to read? Go here:
Boy Band Fic

PLEASE NOTE: Again, we currently will both be posting here. However, this could change in the future. So we'd appreciate you adding all three of our journals:


Want to contact us?
Dori: dorialexanderrocks@yahoo.com
Jay: jayhowardpops@yahoo.com